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Tweets by @pwgallagher / April 2020

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April 2020

SincDavidson Top health official compares Cook to COVID-19…

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… Then what did Cook have to say about the aboriginal people he encountered? Perhaps the dangers he had…y1

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Finally, on 21 August, 1770, after a long, sometimes terrifying, 4-month passage, up the East Coast of Australia,…Dk

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A terrifying night for Capt. Cook and crew: the Endeavour aground on the Barrier Reef, holed, fast, and about to…rr

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The First Voyage of Capt. Cook (to the South Pacifica to observe the transit of Venus): the only voyage to equal…Gf

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“… and Isaac Smith and Europe leapt ashore” J. C. Beagleghole’s great account of Capt. Cook’s first landing on…x2

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samirvarma@ATabarrok⁩ is on a roll! Another excellent and very important post. The Decline of the Innovation State is…8t

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I like this ‘digital’ version of Roosevelt’s “Works Progress Administration” to lift employment during the…gL

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Was the subway the ‘Broad Street Pump’ of COVID19 in New York? (via @MargRev) Where else? Tokyo?…

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Arnold Kling on “Lockdown socialism” & bubbe-meise…

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ATabarrok Unbelievable. US is now telling Mexico “tear down this wall!”…

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Seems pandemic viruses have been regularly “escaping” from govt virology labs. SARS leaked at least 6 times from…Io

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Shakespeare by numbers… Missing the stimulation of trade disputes while you hide from the Plague? Here’s an…iU

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AusTaxpayers Over 90% of adults in Australia use Google every month. Are we supposed to believe a major disruption to their…yn

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All my life, AU governments have been screwing around with media competition (restricting it, of course) and *…H9

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mattwridley It is therefore vital that the Chinese government makes Dr Tian Jun-hua available for interview as soon as…4u

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ProfFeynman Schrödinger’s Plates:

The plates are both broken and not broken until you open the door.

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RT @insteconomics: I have an op-ed at ABC Online arguing that the current disruptions to the global economy dramatise the hidden benefits o…

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BjornLomborg We know from Spanish Flu a century ago that social distancing is effective, but “overeffective” policies (too…nH

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“If this estimate is correct – the ‘war’ against COVID-19 was won in Australia nearly 3 weeks…3m

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@snlester Yes, that’s what the last para of the press release says.

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@snlester Washing machines? This looks like the Congress acknowledges Exec Branch discretion to levy duties that…lc

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mattwridley “The forgotten, historical – and hysterical – context for the controversy around the modelling of Covid-19.…v59Ihg

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Arnold Kling again: “PSST and the economic recovery” Argues that pre-lockdown patterns of specialisation & trade…3j

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MIE: “We pair you with a world-class barber via video chat to get your hair through these hard times”

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Arnhold Kling on “The Higgsian moment”…

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“WHO was implicitly sending a reminder to those who had erroneously been associating the virus with Wuhan and…hc

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“Governments cannot freeze an economy, thaw it out a few months later and expect it to come back to life… the…51zx

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ABS today released data on the causes of death in 2018. About 3000 from influenza/pneumonia. Median age 89 yrs.…Fr

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MelMitchell1 This deep-learning computer vision demo is damn impressive!

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samirvarma Chip Bag Hack: How to Close a Chip Bag With No Clip | Hunker

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SincDavidson A lot of Australians just got bitch slapped by the Pope.…

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“The Pell conviction is a scandal that will rank alongside the outrageous jailing of Lindy Chamberlain for the…no

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Australian business Impacts of COVID-19, Week Commencing 30 March 2020: very high proportion, including small…TY

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“[T]he evidence of the opportunity witnesses nonetheless required the jury, acting rationally, to have…Sp

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@AusTaxpayers The true foundation of liberty has nothing to do with obedience but everything to do with consent. “…gb

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RT @insteconomics: I discuss the role of COVID-19 in driving US economic policy uncertainty to record highs and the associated equity marke…

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dikenson Not to cause an inflation in the price of woolen products, but has the FDA or CDC offered any guidance about lamb’…z8

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One of the world’s biggest suppliers of surgical + exam gloves on govts. “wild west” supply chain disruptions incl……ep

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@SimonEvenett Yes it’s a bizarre regulation: an export control that does not control exporters except, apparently,…Eh

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Kenneth72712993 In perspective:

During winter 2016/17, 25,000 Italian deaths were attributed to the seasonal flu. As of 1 April,…m5

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“Australia right now needs a bonfire of the regulatory distortions”::…

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